On-Demand Webinar: Inclusive Accessibility for Students with Disabilities

Discover the power of inclusivity and safety in schools! Join industry experts, Paul Timm, PSP, and Michele Gay from Safe and Sound Schools as they share their insights. Learn how school settings are excelling in their mission to serve students with disabilities, the 6-step process for inclusive safety planning, and gain valuable insights on the Especially Safe® program. Unlock these safe and inclusive school security practices today!

Putting the “S” in TEAMS: Disability Inclusion in School Security

Inclusive school security for students, staff and visitors of all abilities shouldn’t be complex. But because disabilities can be unique, safety plans must also be personalized. The TEAMS framework provides clear guidelines for school safety planning for those with disabilities.

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Especially Safe Program Feature: Safe and Sound Schools

Designed to help safety planning teams, the Especially Safe® program addresses the safety and security needs of all members in the school community. Explore the program to enhance your knowledge on planning, preparing, teaching and training to meet the special needs of everyone. Discover how to foster a culture of safety for students, parents and staff.

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7 Steps to School Security Code Compliance

Lock the door – without compromising safety. Dive deep into beginner-friendly code compliance steps for door openings and hardware in schools, starting with the basics.

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Allegion's School Security Best Practices for Openings

Layered security has long been identified as a recommended practice for securing all types of buildings. Learn the recommended best practices for securing openings, doors & hardware in schools.

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Indication Solutions: Know It's Locked.™ 

The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) recommends the use of indication trims for the classroom. Schlage's best-in-class mortise, cylindrical and deadbolt visual indication trims feature large windows displaying unmistakable red and white messaging that can be viewed from any angle - even at a distance.

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